5 Key reasons for using Animated Videos in your marketing

April 27, 2020
1. Longer attention span of viewers –

Animated objects creates curiosity in the viewers’ and entices audiences to watch it. Observing cartoon-style animated stuff, viewers are more likely to pause and watch the first 30 seconds of the video.

However, with a traditional marketing or a promotional video, that kind of attention cannot be expected. Also, the typical length of animated videos varies from 30 seconds to three minutes or more.

2. Instant Connection  –

Instant Connection: The world is a Global Village. Audience of multiple ethnicities connect fastest with animated characters. 

Old Memories:

Nostalgia has a positive aura around it. Animation brings back old memories that are appealing to even adults. Since most of us connect cartoons with the good times of our childhood, we tend to stop by animated videos which thereby creates a better impact on our minds.

3. Converts complex concepts into simpler ones in a jiffy! –

Just think about how you can make all your characters talk, fly or do time travel in your animated videos. It is much easier to show processes and mechanisms and how they function with the aid of animated explainer videos. Convey the mix of emotions to your key audience flawlessly with cartoon-style videos. Be amazed at the impact that it creates!

4. Has better chances of going viral on social media –

The statement can’t be truer. Animated videos have the edge of creating more impact in the social media. Over 40% of the videos shared online are hilarious and invoke a happy emotion in the minds of the people. Since it is easier to infuse a good dose of humour and entertainment into animated videos, they have a greater potential for being shared multiple times!

5. Budget friendly alternative to live videos –

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Animated videos incur lesser costs than what it takes for live videos. Professional Live video production would involve spending huge money and be in constant search for multiple things. Instead, you just need maybe a fraction of this effort to create a top-quality animated explainer video. Moreover, explainer videos fit for almost all of your business/corporate needs.

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