Digital Signage in Dubai – Mass reach in nominal budget

August 20, 2019

Digital Signage in Dubai – Mass reach in nominal budget

Digital signage is the new age trending advertising media. They use display through LCD, LED projection and e-paper. They find extensive usage at restaurants, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, corporate buildings to provide exhibitions, marketing and outdoor advertising. Digital world has bridged the generation gap with its extensive usage among every age group.

Uses Of Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions find extensive usage in circulating public information like news, weather, traffic and local information. Internal information like corporate messages, health and safety items and news are shared by using this medium. Displaying product information like price, photos for customer’s help. This digital signage would strengthen the information sharing medium for customer’s assistance as used in museums, zoos, parks, gardens and cultural attractions. This is a popular medium for advertising and promotion of products of a particular area by targeting a specific group of people. Easy way of sharing information in public areas like airports, railways, waiting areas where people need to updated about the changes in time schedule and any such changes. Digital signage companies in Dubai are using highly updated techniques for digital signage solutions.

Advantages Of Digital Signage:

1. Multiple projections:

Digital Signage has the opportunity to display multiple advertisements at one time in one projector. Any kind of announcements can be projected through this digital signage. Several products or services can be displayed through this medium.

2. Centrally controlled:

As these are centrally controlled there are lesser chances of non-working screens. These digital signage solutions are controlled by experts in this trade.

3. Targeted audience:

Local customer is targeted and advertisements relevant to these customers are projected. Maximum people can be reached in minimum time.

4. Low cost:

The costs of these digital ads are nominal and have maximum reach. These are common among business people of Dubai.

Taking note of the above advantages we can select digital signage as an important medium for promoting as well as sharing information. With over 10 years in the digital signage production domain, People Pulse Online, rules among the digital signage companies in Dubai.

Taking note of the above advantages we can select 3D walkthrough animation as an important medium for promoting a real estate project. With over 10 years in the 3D walkthrough animation production domain, People Pulse Online , rules among the 3D walkthrough animation companies in Dubai.

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