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February 11, 2020

Looking for a new medium to market your products and services or an exciting way to keep your employees motivated? Presenting dynamic digital signage solutions that will give you fresh content that is customized just for you and delivered to your screens every month. Sounds interesting? Read ahead and find out more!

Lasting brand impact = Taking retail by storm

The world of 3D Video Walls, Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Kiosks etc is growing fast as more and more companies are adopting this media for presenting their product and services at malls, events, exhibitions, retail outlets, food outlets etc. Smart use of digital signage creates a lasting impact of your brand and this translates to improved revenue opportunities. Digital Signage offers the ability to communicate multiple messages at a time and offer quick adaptation almost in real time. Brands can present their latest products or services, offers, promos, upcoming products etc to visitors and customers. View latest digital signage solutions here

Engaged Employees = Improved Motivation

Digital Signage in Dubai is also being used to improve Corporate Communications for employees, visitors and customers. Improved engagement of employees directly reflects on their morale and productivity. Placement of signage screens at key touch points such as Cafeteria, corridors, reception, warehouse and other common areas can ensure that communication can reach employees at the right time. Flexible access to high value information will lead to superior engagement, general feeling of belonging and this generates a positive work environment. Carefully curated content with regular updates is the key to drive maximum benefit from internal digital signage.

Corporate Pulse, a monthly video magazine is a solution that provides seamless delivery of customized  content with timely updates. This concept is a fresh take for medium to large corporates looking for innovative ways to improve employee retention by keeping them motivated and emotionally connected to the workplace.To know more about digital signage solutions in Dubai and how they can help you engage your employees better, visit www.peoplepulseonline.com.

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