August 14, 2019


An explainer video is a short animated video with the main motive of explaining a business idea in the most concise and expressive way. It is the easiest and fastest way to tell the story of the brand or a product/service that it is promoting. Here is a quick guide to explainer videos and why they are the best choice for promoting a product.

Advantages Of Explainer Videos:

1. Concise:

Unlike other medium having detailed description of the product which is time consuming, this medium is a concise description of the product in a nutshell. Watching the entire thing is more effective than reading and understanding the functionalities of a product.

2. Depicts problem & Solution:

An explainer video is more effective as it caters decision making capacity of the viewers. They portray the problem then the solution to help viewers in decision making. This medium is apt when you have to make your audience aware of the benefits of your product and help in enhancing their decision making capability.

3. Open medium:

An explainer video is an open medium having vast usage. Companies can use these videos in YouTube, or embed in the body of their website, place it in their landing page, or place it in the slides of a PowerPoint presentation.

4. Engaging viewers:

Explainer videos are an easiest medium to reach a larger audience. They are brief, to the point and usually focusing on one topic only. They help in grabbing the attention of the viewers and keep them glued to the screen. Properly made videos expressing the product in the best way have larger impact on the viewers.

5. Higher conversion rates:

Owing to its greater reach and easy accessibility these explainer videos have higher chances of conversion. People get to view the products along with its advantages to them, which helps them in taking a decision.

Taking note of the above advantages we can select explainer videos as an important medium for promoting a brand. With over 10 years in the explainer video production domain, People Pulse Online, Dubai is committed to production of high quality engaging animated explainer videos.

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