Key purpose of explainer video is to create need for the products & services in the mind of the viewer. Businesses use it to quickly introduce themselves, explain their services and products, and create awareness to customers about how they can help solve their customer’s problems.

Big, Medium or Small business – Every businesses need an Explainer Video. All businesses that need to be promoted / marketed can & are using Explainer video as their strategic Business Tool. Services like repair shops, schools, banks, accounting firms, healthcare industry and law firms or Merchandising Business like grocery stores, convenience stores, distributors, and other resellers or you are in a Manufacturing Business or Hybrid Business every.

Global video consumption rose by 800% during the last 5 years and is further growing.
A carefully crafted video can explain your business, but also, help establish need for your product in mind of your target audience in 60 seconds or less.
All Major Social Media sites like Facebook, Linkedin are promoting video contents over text contents because videos generate more engagement and interaction than other types of content. Consider Facebook’s addition of the auto-play for example.
Videos are shareable, can grab your audience’s attention and customers can retain the information more than just hearing.

Global video consumption rose by 800% during the last 5 years and is further growing.
A video made for a landing page or an email marketing campaign doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed in other ways.
We can use it for Presentations, Email and as an email signature, Social media, Blogs, Sales Pitch…
Imagination is the only limit.

You are encouraged to be as much a part of the process as you would like to be.
We appreciate frequent feedback and involvement.

We recommend a video not more than 120 seconds.
This will ensure that the viewers are kept engaged and boredom doesn’t occur.

Through emails and calls.



Because of our 5-step process of producing any video, only minor revisions are requested by our clients.

Video Pricing is eventually dependent on your budgets too

We accept all major credit cards.
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Cash and Cheque are also accepted.