How Video Production can amplify your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing
March 1, 2020

Video is possibly the most powerful tool being used pervasively in every business. With a staggering growth in the number of users of social media, businesses are trying to bring out their best through engaging content. Of late, video production has gained prominence in the social media circle. Here are some innovative ways through which you can tell interesting tales to your target audience in social media. 

Entice, Engage, Encourage – You may come across probably twenty promotional videos a day in your social media account(s). But how many of them are so gripping that they lead you to buy their products? Likewise, no matter how many views, likes and shares your video gains, if it lacks substantial content, it’s least likely to resonate with your key audience. Videos can be made in a very smart way that can entice your audience, engage them to discuss them and lastly, encourage them to make a purchase. 

Share a story – Nobody likes dull content, and when it comes to videos, the content must be gripping your audience right from the very beginning. Videos allow you to portray emotions that are difficult to pen down in words. Have your connotations expressed through interesting videos and in this way, you’re pulling a majority of people towards you. When your video reflects the same emotions that run inside your audience, nothing gets better. 

Personalize your content – When you personalize your video content, you’re leveling up with your key audience’s thought process. Videos can invoke people’s emotions in the best possible way. But first, make sure you understand the psyche of the people you are targeting. When you’re unsure of how people can use your products through your videos, try animated explainer videos or “How it works” video. But the catch here is to connect with your intended audience just the way you feel.  

Bring it all together – Offer a dynamic video content to your people consistently. When you’re bringing something new and unconventional through your storytelling videos, you’re feeding the curious minds of your audience. Get all your thoughts together as you proceed towards the end of your video. Once you do that, you’ll yourself be amazed at the results!

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