Learn why you need to incorporate videos in your website

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March 14, 2020

Have you just discovered that video is the secret behind people loving your website?

While you look for ways to improve your business website, read on to find out why you must use videos on your website. 

Videos convey the most powerful message – Video is the most powerful way by which you can convey any message just the way you like. In a high-paced dynamic world where the short attention span seems to be a global concern, videos speak a thousand words than pictures. You can use videos to reach a wider audience since they connect better with them. Research indicates that a one-minute video is worth 1.9 million words. So imagine the impact a video creates!

Videos keep your prospects engaged and interested – Videos invoke interest in your viewers about the products and services you offer to them. The best way to display the newness of your products/services is through videos. Short, informative animated explainer videos are a great way to engage your audience and keep them interested in your content for a longer time. Show off your offerings visually. After all, videos are a perfect opportunity for people to be captivated by your website or the products/services you offer.

Videos can drive the maximum traffic – When you upload a video on your YouTube and other social media channels and link your website to it, you have a good chance of driving the maximum traffic to your website landing page. Discover a world of opportunities with the different kinds of videos you can create for your website and video sharing platforms.

Videos build trust – Lastly, videos help your key audience trust you better. Videos not only bring any concept to life but also help in building trust in your prospective audience. Besides showing the features of your products/services, videos also showcase your audience a slice of your personality and the lifestyle of your organization aligning with your products/services. 

There are different kinds of videos that are used widely across different channels. Choose from 2D/3D animations, Explainer Videos, Whiteboad Videos, Infographics, Motion Graphic, Typography Animated Videos and Advertisement.Want to know which one to pick? Get in touch with People Pulse Media LLC, one of the leading video production companies in the UAE. Learn how videos can boost your website visibility and increase your reach to your customers.

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