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Videos are the dynamic and versatile medium that can elevate your story to a new level. With animated video production, you can easily capture hard-to-represent ideas on a screen without constraints. It is the most engaging form of content for marketing your products/services. We’re a result-driven video production company in Dubai providing solutions that can easily engage and Visuals influence your potential customers. 

 Our video production team also helps in boosting your Online SEO and conversion of leads for your business besides engaging your customers. Some of our most creative works include video editing, corporate videos, video advertising, 2D/3D animation videos, and media production. We also help you to bond better with your audience with the help of explainer video and whiteboard animation video.

Why Animated Videos?
  • Highly Engaging

  • Build Branding

  • Rich Media - Visual + Sound

  • Cost Effective

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Innovative Video Production Company Dubai

Sky Rocket User Engagement with 2D/3D Animated Videos!

How a Video Production Company helps your brand to grow

Nothing can beat a well-produced video with a gripping story. Research suggests
that users spend a whopping 88% more time on websites having product videos.
The reason is simple. Videos are an excellent way to influence users to be
interested in a product and makes them buy it sooner or later. Here are the 5
wonders of what a compelling video can do to your business –

  • 1

    Users take a keen interest in your brand Draw attention to your customers through a video since it is the best way you can capture and retain their attention within a short time span.

  • 2

    Better engagement Videos help you to connect better with your audience and encourage better engagement. Short animated videos make your audience want to pause and listen to your story.

  • 3

    Makes your website stand apart from your competitors A top-class video in your homepage makes your website stand apart from that of
    your rivals. Add a catchy phrase and a funny animated image to make it
    all the more interesting!

  • 4

    Better ROI Corporate video production yields good return on investment since it has become easy and affordable too. With video editing tools becoming less costly, no wonder you’ll have a hefty ROI.

  • 5

    Builds trust A good video portraying your brand’s story not only makes your prospect understand you and your brand better, but in fact, it is one of the prelim steps to building strong trust.

11 Steps by Video Production Company for an effective video

  • 1

    Concept Planning

  • 2

    Research and Script preparation

  • 3

    Character planning if it’s animated

  • 4

    Building Storyboard or Scamp

  • 5

    Location Scouting & Casting

  • 6

    Voice over recording

  • 7

    Live Shoot/Animation

  • 8

    Post Production Edits & Special Effects

  • 9

    Mix Music and Soundtrack

  • 10

    Final Delivery

Types of Animated videos
  • 2D/3D animation video
  • EXPLAINER Videos
  • TYPOGRAPHY Animated Videos
  • WEBISODES Animated Videos
  • CORPORATE Videos

People Pulse Media Video Production Company Dubai

At People Pulse Media LLC, creativity is our USP and we specialize in understanding your story and presenting it in the most creative and simplest way possible through animation videos. Animated Videos have seen a huge demand as more and more companies are using videos for their marketing campaigns.

People Pulse is one of the leading Video Production Company in Dubai and we have created 2D/3D Animation Videos, Explainer Videos and motion graphics for several eminent brands. Our creative domain ranges from explainer videos, whiteboard animation, , 2D/3D animation, media production, multilingual videos and video editing. We strive to make our clients understand how a video can impact the lives of so many people around the world. In fact, a video is the reflection of a brand’s image and what the brand is striving to achieve. So, just let your video convey your brand’s story and see the difference it makes!

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