What should be your first task before hiring a video production company?

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February 29, 2020

Video is the fastest growing component of a marketing mix and if done right it is undoubtedly the most engaging communication method. The struggle faced by the marketing teams is to prove the direct measurable impact between a video campaign and sales. Whether you are creating a video in- house or you are hiring a Video Production Company, you need to communicate clearly the context and goals of your business. This is a video production brief and this post explains the key factors you should keep in mind while preparing your video production brief.

Importance of a Video Production Brief

Just like you give a creative brief when you plan your marketing campaign or you give a website brief when you want to design your company website, similarly you must prepare a video production brief when planning your next video. Developing a video without a plan or just for the sake of doing a video (because your competition is doing it) is a waste of money. Creating experimental or ineffective videos is in fact damaging your brand image and it is best to refrain from such campaigns. So how do you make a video effectively? The answer is – by starting off with a detailed Video Production brief. This will require considerable effort because you will have to clearly state the future business goals of the organisation and throw sharp focus on your objectives from the campaign and the audience that you wish to communicate with by means of the video. All of this requires deep thought and will finally lead to a brief that will help the Video Production Company understand what you are aiming for. Having done this, it clarifies the vision behind creating the video and will help the video production team to envisage your goals. The task sounds daunting – isn’t it? Read this blog to learn how to create a Video Production Brief.

Company Background

Your brief should explain your brand’s position in the market, your unique selling proposition, how your brand is perceived by your customers and the goals you wish to achieve in a year’s time. This information gives enough insight about your brand to the team developing your video strategy and tells them the underlying objectives of your business.

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