What should be your first task before hiring a video production company?

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February 29, 2020

Objective of the Video

You need to decide what it is that you wish to promote through the video. It could be your product/service or your amazing customer support or your production process or your brand in totality. It is not wise to try to promote everything all at once. The focus of the video should be just one thing and you need to choose the subject carefully. You should have answers to specific questions for example: “What is your USP?”  “What is your market differentiator?” “What problem of the consumer are you looking to solve?” Try to provide specific answers so that the objective of your video will become clear to the Video Production Company you are hiring or to your team who is making the video in-house.

The Audience whom you wish to engage

It is important to brainstorm and figure out who your target audience is. What are the personas of the people to whom you are trying to reach? While most companies narrow down too much on their exact target audience this may affect the budget of the video because you may have to develop individual videos for specific audiences. In case you are working on a tight budget, it will be wise to develop a wider target audience and start with a single video campaign. Another consideration is the location of the target audience and the mode/device through which they will be viewing your video. Each channel has their individual nuances and these should be kept in mind by your Video Production agency.

Business Goals

Like any other Marketing campaign, a video campaign too should have a clearly defined business goal that you want to achieve through that campaign. It could be video true views, traffic/visitors to website, brochure downloads, clicks, enquiries, ‘likes’, online sales or store walk-ins. You should have to be able to identify specific goals to determine whether your campaign was effective or not. This way you can find out your ROI from the campaign and it also gives proper direction to the Video production company to ensure they design the video in accordance with your business goal.

Get ready to create your Video Production Brief!

Creating a video production brief based on the above guidelines is a tough task but once done it will certainly yield much better results from your video campaign. For more information about creating effective Video Production briefs, get in touch with one of the leading Video Production Companies in Dubai – People Pulse Media LLC.  

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