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Revolutionizing Edutech and Marketing: People Pulse Media

People Pulse Media LLC is a trusted channel partner in the dynamic landscape of Edutech and Marketing.
We as channel partners are the intersection of technology and sustainability. We have been at the forefront, delivering innovative solutions that resonate with the evolving needs of our clients.
Our decade-long journey is marked by passion for staying ahead in the tech curve, and a dedication to sustainable practices. “We don’t just market products; we curate experiences that leave a lasting impact.” As part of our comprehensive service where technology meets sustainability, we are delighted to offer a range of complementary products that seamlessly enhance our offerings.

Meet Our Channel Partners

We works wonders with the tools that your teams already use. From finance and marketing automation to productivity and video conferencing, start seamlessly streamlining your projects all in one place.


A groundbreaking Interactive Simulation system revolutionizing the study of Anatomy, Histology, Pathology, Physiology, Prosection, Radiology, and more. This virtual human dissection table provides unparalleled insights, surpassing traditional methods like mannequins or drawings. From a Healthcare Marketeer’s perspective, CADAVIZ unlocks numerous opportunities for entity promotion and positioning. Feature-rich, cost-effective, and designed for medical students, it extends possibilities to hospitals, enhancing surgery planning and elevating patient education to new heights. Experience anatomy education redefined with CADAVIZ.


SimuLab by Immersive Labz: Your solution to science learning challenges. This 3D virtual science lab offers an immersive experience, utilizing AI, VR, AR, and more. Innovatively crafted to meet the needs of students and institutes, our team blends creativity, research, and technology to deliver top-notch interactive solutions to the ed-tech sector.


Elevate Your Brand with the Power of InfluencersUnlock the potential of influencer marketing with Qoruz, a powerhouse platform that enables seamless collaboration with over 1000 influencers at scale. Our open platform ensures hassle-free campaign management for brands, empowering you to connect authentically with your audience through influential voices. Elevate your marketing strategy with Qoruz and harness the true power of influencer partnerships.


Experience the future of digital signage with our cloud-based solution. Say goodbye to pen drives and hello to instant content updates on any Android device or TV. DIGI Screens, our intuitive platform allows and facilitates dynamic content management with advanced schedulers, effortlessly displaying images, videos, or custom HTML for customer engagement. Control and monitor 100+ screens from a centralized web portal.They are easy to use just upload the files for your designs ;HTML, videos or a JPG, schedule and merge designs in single playlist; Place date & time for them to play on Amazon Fire Stick / Android Box in TV.Digiscreens come with various benefits: Update all devices with a single click. Effortlessly control and monitor linked devices, eliminating human errors in content uploads. Simultaneously load content on geographically dispersed devices. Enjoy an easy, flexible, dynamic, and quick design and play process. Schedule varied content throughout the day seamlessly.